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Field Crop Journals

Journals of Primary Importance to Field Crops Research 2002


Duncan McClusky, Branch Librarian, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Tifton Campus, University of Georgia, Tifton, GA


list adapted from chapter "Field Crops" by Kathleen Ann Clark in Using the Agricultural, Environmental and Food Literature with titles added covering precision agriculture


JOURNAL ISSN Frequency # of Libraries AGRICOLA CAB BIOSIS Article 1st
Advances in Agronomy 0065-2113 Annual 456 X X X  
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 0168-1923 Semi-Mo 172 X X X X
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 0167-8809 18/yr 149 X X X X
Agronomy Journal 0002-1962 Bi-monthly 325 X X X X
Annals of Applied Biology 0003-4746 Bi-monthly 377 X X X X
Annual Review of Phytopathology 0066-4286 Annual 595 X X X X
Apidologie 0044-8435 Quarterly 50   X X X
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 0099-2240 Monthly 1017 X X X X
Applied Engineering in Agriculture 0883-8542 Bi-monthly 72 x x   x
Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 0004-9409 Monthly 243 X X X X
Bee World 0005-772X Quarterly 97 X X    
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 0006-3002 Irregular 594 X X   X
Biological Control 1049-9644   79 X X X X
Canadian Entomologist 0008-347X Bi-monthly 378 X X X X
Canadian Journal of Botany 0008-4026 Monthly 665 X X X X
Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology -- Revue Canadienne de Phytopathologie 0706-0661   82 X X X X
Canadian Journal of Plant Science 0008-4220 Quarterly 277 X X X X
Canadian Plant Disease Survey 0008-476X Quarterly 90 X X    
Cereal Research Communications 0133-3720 Quarterly 39   X X X
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 0168-1699 Quarterly 77 X X X X
Crop Protection 0261-2194 Bi-monthly 80 X X X X
Crop Science 0011-183X Bi-monthly 342 X X X X
Economic Botany 0013-0001 Quarterly 658 X X X X
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 0013-8703 Monthly 164 X X X X
Environmental Entomology 0046-225X Bi-monthly 325 X X X X
Euphytica:  Netherlands Journal of Plant Breeding 0014-2336 3/yr 147 X X X X
European Journal of Agronomy 1161-0301 Quarterly 27 X X X X
European Journal of Plant Pathology 0929-1873 Bi-monthly 70 X X X X
Experimental Agriculture 0014-4797 Quarterly 173 X X X X
Field Crops Research 0378-4290 Monthly 99 X X X X
Fungal Genetics and Biology 1087-1845 Monthly 171 X X X X
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 0925-9864 Bi-monthly 25 X X X X
Grass and Forage Science 0142-5242 Quarterly 133 X X X X
Ground Water 0017-467X Bi-Monthly 464 X   X X
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Plant 1054-5476 6/yr 203 X X X X
International Journal of Biometeorology 0020-7128 Quarterly 149 X X X X
International Journal of Pest Management 0967-0874 Quarterly 50 X X X X
International Journal of Remote Sensing 0143-1161 Semi-Monthly 221   X X X
International Pest Control 0020-8256 Bi-monthly 69   X X X
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 0021-8561 Bi-Weekly 686 X X X X
The Journal of Agricultural Science 0021-8596 Bi-monthly 220 X X X  
Journal of Bacteriology 0021-9193 Semi-Mon 1316   X X X
Journal of Biological Chemistry 0021-9258 3/month 1238 X X X X
Journal of Economic Entomology 0022-0493 Bi-monthly 556 X X X X
Journal of Entomological Science 0749-8004 Quarterly 107 X X X X
Journal of Hydrology 0022-1694 12 vol./yr 347 X X X X
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 0022-2011 Bi-monthly 332 X X X X
Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education 1059-9053 Annual 90 X X X  
Journal of Nematology 0022-300X Quarterly 186 X X X X
Journal of Production Agriculture 0890-8524 Quarterly 96   X   X
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 0022-5142 Monthly 289 X X X X
Maydica 0025-6153 Quarterly 57   X   X
Molecular Breeding 1380-3743 Quarterly 52 X X X X
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions:  MPMI 0894-0282 Monthly 133 X X X  
Mycologia 0027-5514 Bi-monthly 639 X X X X
New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 0028-8233 Quarterly 159   X X X
New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science 0114-0671 Quarterly 50   X X X
Pest Management Science 1526-498X   84 X X X  
Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 0048-3575 Bi-monthly 267 X X X X
Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 0885-5765 Bi-monthly 202 X X X X
Physiological Entomology 0307-6962 Quarterly 226 X X X X
Phytopathological Papers (Monographic Series) 0069-7141 Irregular 71        
Phytopathologische Zeitschrift = Journal of Phytopathology 0031-9481 Monthly 130 X X    
Phytopathology 0031-949X Monthly 520 X X X X
Plant and Soil 0032-079X Monthly 305 X X X X
Plant Breeding = Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenzuchtung 0179-9541 Bi-monthly 79 X X X X
Plant Disease 0191-2917 Monthly 279 X X X X
Plant Pathology 0032-0862 Quarterly 180 X X X X
Plant Physiology 0032-0889 Monthly 842 X X X X
Remote Sensing of Environment 0034-4257 Monthly 417   X X X
Seed Science Research 0960-2585 Quarterly 37 X X X X
Seed Technology 1096-0724 Semi-Ann 47 X X   X
Soil Science Society of America Journal 0361-5995 Bi-monthly 489 X X X X
Soil Tillage Research 0167-1987 Quarterly 88 X X X X
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 0040-5752 Monthly 185 X X X X
Transactions of the ASAE 0001-2351 Bi-monthly 209 X X   X
Water Research 0043-1354 Monthly 519 X X X X
Water Resources Research 0043-1397 Monthly 621 X X X X
Weed Research 0043-1737   163 X X X X
Weed Science 0043-1745 Quarterly 296 X X X X
Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz = Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection 0340-8159 Monthly 73   X X X