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AGRICOLA and Soil Science

Soil Science Journal List 2002


by Carla Long Casler, Research Librarian, Arid Lands Information Center, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona from Using the Agricultural, Environmental, and Food Literature from Marcel Dekker, Inc.


** indicates titles not included in AGRICOLA listing. 4/05/02 -- for these, publisher information is supplied


Title ISSN Publisher
**Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section B-Soil and Plant Science 0906-4710 London: Taylor & Francis Group
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 0168-1923  
**Agrochimica 0002-1857 Pisa, Italy: Industrie Grafiche V. Lischi & Figli
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 0099-2240 Continues Applied Microbiology.
Applied Soil Ecology 0929-1393  
**Arid Soil Research and Rehabilitation 0890-3069 New York: Taylor and Francis
**Australian Journal of Soil Research 0004-9573 Melbourne, Australia: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)
BIOCYCLE: Journal of Composting and Recycling 0276-5055 Continues Compost Science/Land Utilization
Biology and Fertility of Soils 1432-0798  
Canadian Journal of Microbiology 0008-4166  
Canadian Journal of Soil Science 0008-4271 Continues Canadian Journal of Agricultural Science.
**CATENA 0341-8162 Amsterdam: Elsevier
**Ciencia del Suelo: Revista de la Asociación Argentina de la Ciencia del Suelo 0326-3169 Buenos Aires, Argentina: La Asociación
**Clays And Clay Minerals 0009-8604 Lawrence, Kansas: Allen Press. Continues Clay and Clay Minerals Proceedings of the Conference.
Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. 0010-3624  
**Eurasian Soil Science 1064-2293 Silver Spring, MD: Scripta Technica, Inc. Supersedes Soviet Soil Science, English translation of two Russian periodicals, Agrokhimiia and Pochvovedenie
**European Journal of Soil Biology 1164-5563 Amsterdam: Elsevier. Continues Revue d'ecologie et de biologie du sol.
European Journal of Soil Science 1351-0754 Journal of soil science; Pédologie; and: Science du sol.
**Geoderma 0016-7061 Amsterdam: Elsevier
Irrigation Science 0342-7188  
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 0021-8561  
Journal of Environmental Quality. 0047-2425  
Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 0022-4561  
**Journal of Soil Contamination. 1058-8337 Boca Raton, FL: CRC.
**Journal of the Indian Soil Science Society. 0019-638X New Delhi, India: Indian Society of Soil Science.
Land Degradation and Development. 1085-3278 Continues Land Degradation and Rehabilitation 
Nature 0028-0836  
Nutrient Cycling In Agroecosystems. 1385-1314 Supersedes Fertilizer Research.
**Oikos. 0030-1299 Copenhagen, Denmark: Munksgaard
**Pedobiologia. 0031-4056 Jena, Germany: Urban & Fischer.
**Physiologia Plantarum 0031-9317 Copenhagen, Denmark: Munksgaard
Phytopathology. 0031-949X  
Plant and Soil. 0032-079X  
Plant Physiology 0032-0889  
Proceedings/ Soil And Crop Science Society Of Florida. 0096-4522 Continues Proceedings/Soil Science Society of Florida.
Science 0036-8075  
Soil & Tillage Research. 0167-1987 Absorbed Soil Technology ISSN 0933-3630.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 0038-0717  
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition. 0038-0768 Continues Soil and Plant Food.
Soil Science Society of America Journal. 0361-5995 Continues Proceedings of the Soil Science Society of America.
Soil Science 0038-075X  
Soil Use and Management. 0266-0032  
**South African Journal of Plant and Soil. 0257-1862 Pretoria, South Africa: Bureau for Scientific Publications
Transactions of the ASAE 0001-2351  
Zeitschrift fòr Pflanzenernahrung und Bodenkunde. 1436-8730 Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science Continues Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenernahrung und Bodenkunde.