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Preservation and Digital Library Committee

(formerly the National Preservation Special Project Committee)

Details on responsibilities


Michael Cook
Cornell University
Member, 2013-14, Chair 2015-2017

Amy Paster
Penn State University
Executive Council Liaison, 2016-2017

Innocent Afuh Awasom
Texas Tech University
Member, 2015-2017

Barb Hamel
University of Wisconsin
Member, 2016-2018

Brad Brazzeal
Mississippi State University
Member, 2015-2017

Patricia Hartman
Auburn University
Member, 2016-2018

Debbie Currie
North Carolina State University
Member, 2013-2018

Emily Lin
University of California, Merced
Member, 2016-18

Joel Cummings
Washington State University
Member, 2015-2017

Rob McGeachin
Texas A&M University
Member, 2012-18

Micke Esman
National Agricultural Library
NAL Liaison, 2016-2018

Lori Pellack
Iowa State University
Member, 2014-2018

Anita Ezzo
Michigan State University
Member, 2016-2018

Adam Siegel
University of California, Davis
Member, 2015-2017

Melanie Gardner
Member, 2016-2018