Comparing AGRICOLA By Vendor -- AGRICOLA Interest Group

Speakers: Eileen Herring, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Helen Smith, Pennsylvania State University; Heather Moberly, Oklahoma State University; Susan Flood, Auburn University; Valerie Perry, University of Kentucky; Sally Sinn, National Agricultural Library

Moderated by Carla Casler, University of Arizona

Presentations covered similar aspects for AGRICOLA from each vendor, including:

Each vendor section is included with all subject topic notes in the order listed above. Specific added notes are interspersed within each section.

CSA (by Eileen Herring): [Excellent vendor relations and quick responsiveness to suggestions noted as a primary selection factor]

Community of Science (COS) (by Helen Smith): Less well-known, privately held company for research information, providing access to unique (grants, other) and third-party databases

OCLC First Search (by Heather Moberly):

OVID (by Susan Flood):

WebSPIRS (by Valerie Perry):

Summary comments by Sally Sinn, including notes on: NAL's WWW ("Virtua" - VTLS) interface to ISIS/AGRICOLA system

report by Karl Schneider


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