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Business Meeting Minutes


USAIN Business Meeting Minutes, 10 October 2006, Ithaca New York


Introduction of Executive Council


Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes from the 17 May 2005 meeting in Lexington, Kentucky were accepted as posted on the USAIN Web site.


Treasurer's Report: USAIN continues to be healthy financially and to maintain the required reserves.


President's Report: The 2005-2006 President's Annual Report has been posted on the USAIN Web site. Report from the Executive Council meeting on 8 October 2006:


2006 Conference: Mary Ochs reported that the conference appeared to be a success in the number of attendees as well as the number of sponsors and exhibitors.


Proposed By-Laws Revisions: There was no discussion and the proposed revisions were passed unanimously. As is currently called for in the by-laws, this vote will be followed by a mail ballot. Two additional changes were suggested for future consideration:

  1. Article V, Section 3 - change the minimum for a quorum from 15 to a percentage of paid members
  2. Article XI, Section 2 - consider changing the requirement for a mailed ballot and set up procedures for email voting

2008 Conference: Connie Britton announced that The Ohio State University's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster, Ohio will host the 2008 USAIN Conference and invited everyone to attend. It will be at the Aaron Shisler Conference Center on 27-30 April 2008. Anita Ezzo has agreed to be the Program Chair.


USAIN Web Site: Carla Casler announced that the newly redesigned USAIN Web site is live.


Call for Nominations: Luti Salisbury made a call for nominations for the 2007 elections. Nominations are needed for President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and three Directors.


Preservation Project: Mary Ochs announced that two participants in the newest phase of the project, Colorado and Arizona, will be digitizing their selected literature. Participants for the next phase are being solicited.


Awards: Norma Kobzina announced this year's award winners:

  1. Conference Awards for New Professionals went to Livia Olsen and Yongli Zhou.
  2. The Conference Award for Students went to Andrew Ruggiero
  3. The Service to the Profession Award was given to JoAnn DeVries


Respectfully submitted,


Eileen Herring



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