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Business Meeting Minutes 2010

USAIN Business Meeting

11 May 2010

West Lafayette, Indiana

Call to Order: President Sheila Merrigan called the meeting to order at 8:05 AM.


Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes from the 29 April October 2008 meeting in Wooster, Ohio were accepted as posted on the USAIN web site.


Introduction of the Executive Council: Sheila introduced current and incoming EC members.

Current EC:
President: Sheila Merrigan
Past-President: Katie Newman
President-Elect: Allison Level
Secretary/Treasurer: Anita Ezzo
Directors: Connie Britton, Eboni Francis, Patricia Neenan, Nan Hyland, Julie Kelly, Marianne Stowell Bracke
NAL Representative: Mike Esman
Ex-Officio Members: Amy Paster (Archivist), Heather Moberly (Webmaster)

Incoming EC Members:
President-Elect: Mary Ochs
Directors: Connie Britton, Valrie Davis, Claudine Jenda


Treasurer’s Report: USAIN continues to be healthy financially and to maintain the required reserves. Total assets (checking, Money Market, & CDs) as of April 30, 2010 were $79, 788.13. Additional costs incurred this year relate to conference expenditure and scholarship awards.


President’s Report: Sheila presented highlights from her report:

Sheila asked members to review their Interest Group selections for accuracy. A current listing was circulated.


2010 Conference Update: Marianne Stowell-Bracke reported a healthy conference registration and an attendance of 110-115. She thanked Elizabeth Berman for her good work in raising $15-$16K as Chair of the Sponsors and Exhibits Committee.


Awards: Sheila announced the 2010 award recipients:

1.    New Professionals Scholarships: Amanda Werhane and Madeleine Charney
2.    Student Scholarship: Karen Lindquist
3.    Service to the Profession Award: Melanie Gardner
4.    Honorary: Peter Young


Committee and Interest Group Recognition: Sheila encouraged member involvement and distributed certificates to Committee Chairs, Committee members, and Interest Group Conveners.


Concerns or Questions: Joy Paulson indicated that Cornell is archiving conference presentations and encouraged speakers to send their presentations to her at


Respectfully submitted,

Anita Ezzo


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