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Business Meeting Minutes 2012

USAIN Business Meeting, May 1, 2012 ‐‐ Minneapolis, MN


Call to Order: President Mary Ochs called the meeting to order at 1:39 PM.


Review of Minutes of Previous Business Meetings: The minutes of the May 11, 2010 meeting in West Lafayette, Indiana and the October 18, 2010 virtual meeting were approved without correction.
Treasurer’s Report: USAIN continues to be healthy financially and to maintain the required reserves. Total assets (checking, Money Market, CD and Annuity investments) as of March 31, 2012 were $91,328.97—a $1,700 increase since March 2011 and a $7,300 increase since March 2010.


Introduction of the Executive Council: Mary asked members of the Executive Council to stand:


President: Mary Ochs
Past-President: Allison Level
President-Elect: Eileen Herring
Secretary/Treasurer: Anita Ezzo
Directors: Marianne Stowell Bracke, Connie Britton, Madeleine Charney, Hope Jansen, Claudine Jenda, Valrie Minson
NAL Representative: Chris Cole
Ex-Officio Members: Amy Paster (Archivist), Heather Moberly (Webmaster)


President’s Report: Mary reviewed the past year’s accomplishments in conjunction with the goals of USAIN’s Action Plan. With regard to Goal 1, EC conducted a review of the USAIN website to determine whether changes were needed to facilitate more effective communication with members and other food/agriculture professionals, is in the process of filling vacancies on the Membership Committee, and continued to offer scholarships for 1st-time conference attendees and students. Goal 2: the Government and Legislative Relations Committee responded to 2 requests for information from the federal government related to open access publishing and open data. Goal 3: EC is exploring professional development/continuing education opportunities in non-conference years and a redesign of the USAIN website to allow us to accommodate new strategies for online outreach/training/professional development.


Updating the USAIN Website: Sarah Williams gave an overview of the work of the Website Review Committee (Sarah Williams; Peter Fernandez; Heather Moberly; Valrie Minson, Chair), which involved gathering statistics on usage and top pages viewed, assessing functionality, and reviewing the current workflow for updating content. Priorities for a redesign include updating the look and feel of the site, enhanced usability, and greater visibility of certain information, such as membership. Envisioned workflow modifications include greater involvement of EC Directors and/or Committees/Interest Groups in content review/updating. Sarah asked for member input on 1) the goal of USAIN’s website; 2) unmet needs; 3) interest in contributing content to the website; 4) roadblocks to contributing content. Members were invited to submit feedback via the specially provided notecards found on the tables or via the listserv.


2012 Conference Update: Philip Herold, Conference Planning Chair, reported a healthy conference registration of 110, 18 sponsors and 12 exhibitors and acknowledged the efforts of co-planners, Julie Kelly and Leslie Delserone.
Announcement of Award Winners: Eileen Herring, President‐elect, revealed the 2012 award recipients, noting that the awards will be presented at the Awards Banquet:

  1. New Professionals Scholarships: Shannon Farrell, Suzanne Reinman 
  2.  Student Scholarship: Laura Palumbo
  3.  Service to the Profession Award (posthumous): Nan Hyland
  4.  Honorary Membership: Gauri Salokhe

Connie Britton, Claudine Jenda, Sarah Williams, and Philip Herold were welcomed as incoming EC members.


Committee and Interest Group Appointments and Recognition of Service: Mary indicated that the EC has been attempting to fill vacancies at the conference and invited members to express interest ASAP before all openings were filled.


Concerns or Questions: Mary responded to a question about the location of the 2014 conference by indicating that it is a secret to be revealed at tonight’s Awards Banquet.


Meeting Adjourned at 2:18 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,

Anita Ezzo
USAIN Secretary/Treasurer