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Business Meeting Minutes

USAIN Business Meeting, 24 April 1999, Manhattan, Kansas

Called to order by Rita Fisher President 11:45 a.m.

Introduction of Executive Council

Introduction of 1999 and 1998 scholarship award winners

1999 winners:

Sheila Merrigan, University of Arizona

Diana Wheeler, University of Wisconsin-Madison


1998 winners:

Thedis Washington, Clemson University

Mary Cassner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Highlights from the Executive Council Meeting of 22 April 1999

  1. 1. Exploring contracting with a financial management service
  2. Exploring possibilities of registering a simplified web site address
  3. Development of a member email distribution list Acceptability of using this means to solicit input for updating the Action Plan. The list would only be used for official business
  4. Task Force to study and propose criteria for how USAIN might be affiliated with national agricultural information projects. Report should be ready in June
  5. Proposal for USAIN/IAALD partnership
  6. Decision to delete the membership list from the web site
  7. 2001 conference Will be held at North Carolina State University, co-chaired by Debbie Currie and Amy Paster

Treasurer's Report


28 May 1998 deposited $42,811.20 into a new checking account. This includes $6500 that belongs to the Roundtable


Receipts to 19 April, 1999

$7660 membership dues

$616.35 interest

$8276.35 total

Additional deposit of $964.66 when the last Michigan account was closed


Expenditures to date:

$5236.21 basic operating expenses

$6500 to the Roundtable

Ending balance: $39,340


Committee Reports

  1. Communications -- Katie Clark
    Role of USAIN listserv was distributed. Currently looking to update the website. There is a full-text e-journals list on a test site now, it should be available shortly. Looking for members to add titles to this site, there are 103 titles currently on this database. Information from this conference will be loaded on the webpage including committee reports and speaker information.
  2. Legislative and Government Relations -- Sarah Kelly
    Letter writing campaign last year in support of NAL resulted in a $225,000 increase in their budget. Sarah presented a paper earlier at the conference on how to write a letter to government officials. Information will be on USAIN-L and the website about how to write letters.Looking for additional members for the committee, new ways to reach the membership. We are a non-profit organization so we need to write as individuals.
  3. Membership -- Lil Mesner, chair, Alesia McManus, Mary Cassner
    24 institutional members
    88 individual members

    The committee will be starting a real recruitment program. For the first time we will be recruiting outside the world of librarianship. The extension technical conference group will be the first group targeted.

    The committee will work on the member email distribution list and the next networking guide.

    Question: What do you want in the Networking Guide?
            Model 1 members just receive a roster and everything else will be on the web
            Model 2 everything in paper

    The following compromise was agreed upon.
    Members will receive a roster of member names and the bylaws in print, everything else will be available on the web
  4. National Preservation Steering Committee -- Kay Walter Co-Chair, Dale Foster Co-Chair, Elaine Albright, Wallace Olsen, Winston Atkins, Jean Gilbertson, Mary Ochs, and Diana Farmer
    The President serves as ex-officio and Evelyn Frangakis from NAL is a non-voting member.
    Currently aligning the terms of office so they are insync with the rest of USAIN committee terms.
    Preservation presentation will be after lunch today

USAIN Activity Reports

  1. USDA Digital Publications Preservation Program
    Just in the beginning stages-- NAL preservation homepage

    Steering Committees:
    1. Inventory and Life-Cycle Management
    2. Technical Requirements
    3. User Access and Retrieval - Past-President Rita Fisher is a member of this committee
  2. 7th U.S./Eastern European Agricultural Librarians Roundtable
    Moscow, Rita will be representing USAIN
  3. 2005 USAIN Conference Toni Powell
    Propose to invite IAALD to America for their world conference to be held in 2005, USAIN would be the sponsoring organization.
    The conference would take place in Lexington, KY.
    Motion: Move that USAIN be the host organization for the 11th IAALD World Congress to be held in Lexington, Kentucky in the year 2005 --Kawasaki/ Mowery
    Motion approved
  4. Mentoring Program Debbie Currie
    All members are encouraged to sign up, additional information will be on USAIN-L
    Thedis Washington will continue helping on this program
  5. Agricola survey Rob McGeachin
    70 responses to the original survey

    A formal response will be sent to NAL, the committee has drafted a letter that will be sent to Anne Fox and Rita for their signatures.
    The six points that were highlighted in the letter are:
    1. include abstracts for as many titles as possible
    2. index book chapters
    3. index USDA including regional publications
    4. include state extension publications
    5. stress the importance of indexing in a timely manner
    6. continue to improve the interface and searching capabilities of the free Agricola

Nominations/Elections Report -- Norma Kobzina


Almost 60% return rate, very close race

President-elect Diana Farmer

Directors Rebecca Bernthal, Connie Britton, Tim McKimmie

Call for Participation-- Barbara Hutchinson

  1. Committees
    Always looking for members to serve on committees
  2. Interest groups
    Looking for coveners for the groups, 2 year commitment
    It is possible to initiate new interest groups. All you need are 15 interested members

The Executive Council presented Rita with a gift for all the time and effort she put into her term as president.


Thank you to all those involved with making the conference such a success


Minutes respectfully submitted:


Amy L. Paster Secretary/Treasurer

30 April, 1999