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President's Annual Report 2000-2001

Dear USAIN Members,


It was an honor to be your President for 2000-2001. I enjoyed the experience more than I had expected. The year was relatively quiet with an emphasis on the needs and interests of the members. Many of you assumed extra responsibilities during the year and you have my thanks and admiration for the excellent job you did. I enjoy working with the new Executive Council and especially enjoy being your past-President. My best wishes to Amy during her tenure as President for 2001-2002.



USAIN Highlights of 2000-2001

  1. Finalized the Memorandum of Agreement with AgNIC initiated in 1999-2000.
  2. Awarded USAIN's first Service to the Profession Award to Pam Andre during the Awards Dinner at the 2001 USAIN Conference in Raleigh, N.C.
  3. Awarded USAIN's first Honorary Memberships to Sam Demas, Nancy Eaton, and Jan Kennedy Olsen during the Awards Dinner at the 2001 USAIN Conference in Raleigh, N.C.
  4. The Committee to Review and Revise USAIN's Action Plan (Pat Allen, chair, Connie Britton, Margaret Merrill and Jeanne Pfander) presented an excellent document to the membership. This revised plan, with a few revisions, was accepted by the membership.
  5. Appointed the Committee to Examine the Restructuring of USAIN Interest Groups (Luti Salisbury, chair, Carla Casler, Kathy Fescemeyer, Eileen Herring, Tim McKimmie and Alesia McManus). The Committee surveyed the membership electronically and provided a report with recommendations to the Executive Council. These were presented to the membership and, again with a few revisions, accepted.
  6. The tentative plans for the 2005 Conference became more concrete. Toni Greider was appointed USAIN's conference chair. The conference will be held in conjunction with IAALD's World Congress. Stay tuned for more details.
  7. The 2001 USAIN Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina was held. Debbie Currie and Amy Paster successfully built upon the tradition of presenting an outstanding event that featured the best of past conferences while adding something new and unique. The Technology Expo gave attendees a variety of venues for experiencing and learning about new applications and products. I wish to extend my congratulations and thanks to them and to all those on any of the conference committees for an enjoyable and informational event.
  8. Thanks to Barbara Hutchinson, the Executive Council was alerted to the potential loss of access to the collections in the David Lubin Memorial Library of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. A letter of support from USAIN for the FAO library was sent to Ambassador George McGovern.
  9. Barbara Hutchinson represented USAIN on the NAL Blue Ribbon Review Panel.
  10. Carla Casler continued to update and improve the USAIN web site.
  11. Lillian Mesner deserves special thanks for her efforts as Membership Chair. The dues renewal process and maintenance of a members database was successfully transferred to Long & Associates.
  12. Amy Paster has been working with Nancy Hays of ACRL's STS Collegial Council on developing/implementing a mentoring program of benefit to STS and USAIN members.
  13. Executive Council meetings were held and USAIN/NAL/AgNIC Updates were given in conjunction with SLA and ALA conferences.

I would like to extend my thanks to all who served on the Executive Council and in other capacities during the year. They are:

Committee Chairs:

Interest Group Conveners:

In closing I wish to extend my congratulations to the new Executive Council members:

Many thanks for everyone's help,

Diana Farmer