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President's Annual Report 2001-2002

Dear USAIN Members,


Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President this past year. Together, we have achieved a number of goals and have watched the network membership grow as our national recognition increases. I would like to thank all of you who have volunteered for committees, interest groups, and special projects. It is because of your participation that USAIN can accomplish all that it does. I look forward to working with the new Executive Council as your past-President. Best wishes to Dana during her tenure as President for 2002-2003.




Amy L. Paster



USAIN Highlights of 2001-2002

  1. Signed a Partnership Agreement with the Riley Memorial Foundation to facilitate and enhance organizational cooperation by establishing formal affiliation between the Foundation and USAIN. Conducted an assessment of AgNIC as part of this agreement.
  2. Participated on the National Agricultural Library's Director Interview Panel.
  3. The 2003 Conference is scheduled for April 25-28, 2003 in Champaign, Illinois. The theme is "Agricultural Information for the New Millennium: New Crops, Biotechnology and Saving the Past."
  4. Plans are also under way for the 2005 Joint USAIN Biennial Conference and the IXth IAALD World Congress. That will take place May 15-21, 2005 in Lexington, Kentucky.
  5. The Executive Council approved the 2002-2003 budget which included for the first time a website maintenance stipend.
  6. The Council also approved a $500 contribution to the Red Crow Community College Library, which suffered a devastating fire in 2001.
  7. The merger of the Document Delivery and the Changing Information Interest Groups formed the Technology Trends Interest Group.
  8. The USAIN Web Site averaged 52 visitors per day from January 1 - May 31, 2002.
  9. After the 2002 membership renewal cycle our membership stands at 133 individual members and 30 institutional.
  10. A pilot student membership category is in place and will be evaluated after a 2-year trial.
  11. Twenty-three states are currently involved in the History of Agriculture and Rural Life Project. Phase 5 of the project will begin shortly.
  12. The Legislative and Government Relations Committee has become engaged in a number of activities. A goal of the committee is informing the full USAIN membership about how they can influence the legislative and appropriations process.
  13. The AGRICOLA Interest Group has started a journal title analysis project comparing titles covered by AGRICOLA.
  14. Executive Council Meetings were held at the January and June ALA meetings.
  15. USAIN updates were presented at the annual and midwinter meetings of ALA, at the annual SLA conference and the ACE meeting.

I would like to extend my thanks to all who served on the Executive Council and in other capacities during the past year. They are:

Committee Chairs:

Interest Group Conveners:

In closing I wish to extend my congratulations to the incoming Executive Council members:

Many thanks for all of your help


Amy L. Paster