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President's Annual Report 2003-2004

Dear USAIN members,


It was a privilege and an honor to serve as the USAIN President from June 2003 through May 2004. The USAIN activity was quiet since it was a non-conference year. I am thankful for all the work many of you contributed to USAIN throughout the year; the volunteer spirit makes this organization successful. You have my admiration for a job well done.



USAIN Highlights 2003-04

  1. Nominations and Elections Committee worked hard and quickly with perseverance and shared the responsibilities to run a successful election. Thanks to the committee members: Dana Boden, Chair, Nancy Duran, Carla Casler, Connie Britton.
  2. AgNIC Interest Group convener Elaine Nowick surveyed the USAIN members about the purposes and goals of the group. A complete report may be obtained from her. The survey will give future direct for the Interest Group. Possible goals for the AgNIC I.G. are: to rewrite the purpose of it in light of the survey, to provide assistance with training or identifying funding sources for AgNIC sites, or to handle a listserv for the I.G. membership. There are other possibilities mentioned in the summary. Please contact Elaine Nowick for more information.
  3. Budget Task Force has Sec/Tres, Eileen Herring as Chair herding the members of Sharon Fujitani, Pat Wilson, Dana Boden, and myself. Eileen provided the task force with the 2004 draft and 2005 tentative budgets, which we confirmed as appropriate. She sent these to the Executive Council and they were accepted as submitted.
  4. The Legislative and Government Relations Committee focused efforts on putting together a web site. This was accomplished and available at
  5. Amy Paster was supported by USAIN to attend the meeting to explore collaboration between NAL, USDA, Extension, and AgNIC for a national information system. The report is available at
  6. Membership Committee was very active in updating the directory and getting it out in a timely manner, recruiting members, and keeping all the information in good order. Thanks to Bonnie Avery for all of her efforts as Committee Chair and the members of Mary Cassner, Beth Roberts, and Luti Salisbury.
  7. The Communications Committee updated the USAIN Web Site, updated links in AgZines, assisted in creating Resources for Llibrarians in Developing Countries. Currently there are 189 USAIN-L subscribers. Thanks to committee members Allison Level, Chair, Pat Wilson, Carla Casler, Helen Smith, and Katie Clark.
  8. Committees on Bylaws and Awards and Honors were inactive during the 2003-04 year.
  9. Interest Groups of AGRICOLA, Collection Development, Social Issues, and Technology Trends were inactive since it was a non-conference year. All expect to be busy next year for the biennial conference of USAIN in May 2005.

I would like to extend my thanks to all who served on the Executive Council and in any other activities I didn't highlight above. Your support and work for USAIN is greatly appreciated.


Again, congratulations to the newest members of the Executive Council:

USAIN is a wonderful organization. The members are helpful and supportive of each other. The number of times I've seen someone help a colleague in a different geographic region is delightful. The community of collaboration is never ending.


My enthusiasm for USAIN is because of the support I received from USAIN members when I was young in my professional career. I received assistance from experienced librarians, especially in areas of ag economics, chemistry and food sciences. I saw model leaders, I learned from good researchers, and I was supported in my research. USAIN made me a better agricultural information specialist. I hope, in years past and in future years, my service to USAIN will carry on this tradition of support and assistance. USAIN is a great organization for young professionals; the size of conferences lends intimacy for informal mentoring and education opportunities. The USAIN-L gives support for all kinds of assistance. Collegiality, cooperation, and collaboration are like no other library organizations.


Many thanks,


Jodee Kawasaki

USAIN President, 2003-04