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President's Annual Report 2004-2005

Dear USAIN Members,


Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President for 2004-2005. This has been an active year in many ways especially since it was a conference year. It has been a real pleasure serving you in particular because so many of you have served on committees, special projects, and interest groups. USAIN's strength and effectiveness lies in its ability to offer networking opportunities, continuing education, and a forum for the exchange of ideas among information professionals in the agriculture community. This is only possible because of the many contributions of volunteers like you. Best wishes to Luti Salisbury during her tenure as President for 2005-2006.


With thanks and appreciation,


Pat Wilson

USAIN President, 2004-05


USAIN Highlights 2004-2005

  1. Co-sponsored a successful conference, Globalization of Information: Agriculture at the Crossroads in Lexington, Kentucky . The conference was held jointly with the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD).
    1. Toni Greider from the University of Kentucky was Conference Chair and Barbara Hutchinson served as Program Planning Chair. Heather K. Moberly was Contributed Papers Committee Chair.
    2. USAIN sponsored two pre-conference workshops:
      1. Fundamentals in Digital Preservation: OAIS and the TDR
      2. Harvesting Data for the Masses: The Open Archives Initiative Protocol [for] Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH)
    3. The USAIN Service to the Profession Award went to Antoinette Paris (Toni) Greider, Associate Dean for Research and Education at the University of Kentucky Libraries.
    4. Four scholarships were awarded, two to members new to USAIN or Agricultural Information, one to a Tribal Librarian, and one to a student interested in pursuing a career in the field of agricultural information. Members of the Awards Committee were: Luti Salisbury, Chair, Carla Long Casler, Allison Level, and Sarah Williams.
  2. The following Interest Groups and Committees sponsored programs at the biennial conference in Lexington, KY:
    1. Collection Development Interest Group, Library and Extension Cooperation
    2. Technology Trends Interest Group, Institutional Repositories: Are They Worth the Effort,?
    3. Social Issues/Rural Information Interest Group, Fair Trade Labeling (What is it and Who Benefits? )
    4. AgNIC, AgNIC: Focus on Partners
    5. Preservation Committee, Preservation Committee Update
    6. AGRICOLA Interest Group, What then, AGRICOLA in the Google-Age?
    7. Legislative and Government Relations Committee, Advocacy, International Trade, and Food Safety & Security: Locating Legislative and Legal Information.
  3. Plans are under way for the 2006 USAIN Biennial Conference, USAIN: Delivering Information for the New Life Sciences, to be held at Cornell University in October 2006.
  4. The USAIN Executive Committee (EC) agreed to a contribution of $1000 towards the tsunami relief effort and $500 to the University of Hawaii Foundation for the flood relief effort..
  5. The EC agreed to extend our Memorandum of Agreement with the AgNIC alliance for the next five years.
  6. The EC met in January at ALA and in May at the biennial conference.
  7. Election results: President-Elect is Heather K.Moberly; Mary Ochs and Debbie Currie were re-elected as Directors for a second term; Allison Level was also elected Director; Eileen Herring was elected for a second term as Secretary/Treasurer. They will join: Lutishoor Salisbury as President; Norma Kobzina and Sheila Merrigan, returning Directors; and Pat Wilson, Past President. Members of the committee were; Jodee Kawasaki, Chair; Nancy Duran and Eleanor Smith.
  8. Pat Wilson as USAIN President attended two Leadership Council for Agricultural Information and Outreach meetings. One meeting was in November 2004 at Mississippi State University and the other was in May 2005 in Lexington.
  9. Phase V of the USAIN Preservation Project began in June 2004 and is scheduled for completion in June 2006. There are 7 participating states: Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Washington. Twenty seven out of fifty states have now participated in the project.
  10. The Preservation Committee, in conjunction with NAL, has been examining the viability of a project to monitor the retention of print copies of key agricultural serials. The project has been named CROP, Coordinated Retention of Print.
  11. The major responsibility of the Budget Task Force is to prepare the Network budget with input from officers and committee chairs. The President Elect served as a temporary Chair of the Task Force during budget preparations (stepping in for the Secretary/Treasurer) because of the catastrophic flood experienced by the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library in October 2004. The 2005 budget submitted to the EC was approved in January 2005.
  12. During the summer of 2004 the Communication Committee members reviewed and updated existing pages and links from the USAIN Web site. The site was accessed over 50,000 times by visitors from over 80 countries/organizations. Carla Long Casler is the webmaster. The USAIN listserv, USAIN-L, the communication vehicle for the organization has 191 subscribers.
  13. A listserv for the AgNIC Interest Group was convened with about thirty subscribers.
  14. The Legislative and Government Relations Committee met at the May conference to discuss a new action plan. Potential action items were discussed including:
    1. Conducting a survey of USAIN members on their legislative and government relations interests.
    2. Determining how to better make use of ALA and SLA legislative resources.
    3. Developing a strategy to work with other professional societies and associations.
    4. Considering if there is a role for the Committee in helping to support AgNIC and other initiatives of national importance.
    5. Establishing links to State House and Senate agriculture committee websites and to relevant legislation and laws for each state.
    6. Compiling one-page issues papers potentially defining what "agriculture" is and describing the importance of agriculture-related information to the U.S. and the public.
    7. Drafting a white paper on the same theme.
  15. USAIN updates were presented at the annual and midwinter meetings of ALA and at the annual SLA conference.

I would like to extend my thanks to all who served on the Executive Council and in other capacities during the past year. They are:

USAIN Officers


Interest Group Conveners