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President's Annual Report 2011-2012

May 31, 2012
Dear USAIN Members,

Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve as USAIN President for 2011-12.  I am incredibly appreciative of the work of my fellow officers and the directors of the Executive Council who have been involved and dedicated to the work of our organization over the past year.  The Executive Council met via a monthly conference call, supported through NAL’s conference system, and then convened on Sunday, April 29, just prior to the start of the Conference at University of Minnesota.  It has been a busy and productive year, and the report that follows provides some highlights of the year’s activities.  I look forward to continuing to serve on the EC as past-President and anticipate an exciting and productive year ahead under the leadership of Eileen Herring, incoming President.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ochs, USAIN President 2011-2012


USAIN Highlights of 2011-2012
Key Initiatives:

  • CRL Preservation Project: The EC monitored progress on the project by reviewing reports from the CRL Preservation Project liaison, Joy Paulson.  Amy Wood and Bernie Reilly from CRL presented on the project at the Conference.   Many USAIN members expressed interest in joining the project.  A joint USAIN-AgNIC task force will be formed to move forward.
  • The EC began a process for inviting the chairs of committees and interest groups on a rotating basis to join the EC monthly calls to report on committee/interest group activities and get input from the EC.  Madeleine Charney, for the Government Relations Committee, and Heather Moberly as Webmaster each joined calls.  The EC felt this worked well and anticipates continuing this process.
  • The EC continues to work on the idea of developing a professional development committee that would offer programming outside the framework of the biennial conference.  The Professional Development Special Project Committee, chaired by Noel Kopriva, is in place for the new USAIN year beginning June 1.
  • A review of the USAIN website was a major initiative of the EC this year.  The EC formed special task force to review the site, led by Val Minson with members Heather Moberly, Sarah Williams and joining later, Peter Fernandez.  The Task Force developed a detailed plan for reviewing the current site and made recommendations on updating the site at the USAIN business meeting. They sought feedback from the membership following the presentation and via email after the conference. The Task Force will finalize its recommendations and report back to the EC.  Follow up work will continue under the auspices of the Communication Committee.
  • Members of the Legislative and Government Relations Committee developed statements on behalf of USAIN to submit in response to RFI’s from the Federal Government regarding Public Access to Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Publications and Digital Data Resulting from Federally Funded Research.   These statements are available on the USAIN website.

Keeping the Organization Running:  
Much of the business of the Executive Council is behind the scenes, and serves to keep USAIN running smoothly and effectively year-to-year.  Below are examples of that work in 2011-2012.

  • The EC worked with our management company, Long Management, to maintain the records of the organization.  Peggy Sanders of Long Management reported to the EC on this year’s membership numbers.  Fifteen new members joined USAIN this year, and the total membership stands at 143. 
  • The President appointed committee chairs and members, but some positions have remained open.  The EC is experimenting with a new procedure for making committee assignments for the upcoming 2012-2013 term.  During the EC meeting at the Conference, members identified possible committee chairs and members, and during the Conference approached individuals for possible committee appointments.   Many positions were filled for the coming year through this process, and the rest are being filled through email follow up.  The updated list of committee and interest group assignments for this year will be available on the USAIN website shortly.
  • The EC put out a call for proposals for the 2014 USAIN Conference.  Proposals were reviewed, and University of Vermont was selected as the conference host for 2014.
  • Val Minson and Nan Hyland carried out the annual membership survey in Fall 2011.  USAIN members who took the survey were given the opportunity to express interest in serving on committees.
  • The Awards and Honors Committee, led by Eileen Herring with members Noel Kopriva, Amy Shannon and Amanda Werhane, solicited nominations for the USAIN awards and selected recipients, and Eileen Herring presented the awards at the Conference.
  • Anita Ezzo, as USAIN Treasurer, worked with the EC to identify the best investment options for USAIN reserve funds.  USAIN changed banks from US Bank to Huntington Bank in order to reduce our expenditures for credit card activity.
  • The EC received regular updates from Philip Herold on plans for the Minnesota Conference.
  • As per Article IV, Section 6 of the USAIN bylaws, Madeleine Charney joined the EC in January filling the seat left vacant after the death of Nan Hyland.  Her term runs through 2013.
  • USAIN made a gift to Mann Library, Cornell University in memory of Nan Hyland.
  • The Nominations Committee, led by Allsion Level, identified a slate of officers to run for election in 2012.
  • Led by Allison Level, the EC completed the review of the Procedures and Rules begun under Sheila Merrigan’s leadership.
  • EC membership: Two members will rotate off of the EC this year, Allison Level, past-President; as well as Director, Val Davis Minson.   Connie Britton will continue on the EC as President-elect and Claudine Jenda will serve a second term as a Director.  New Directors, Philip Herold and Sarah Williams will join the EC on June 1.  The EC welcomed Chris Cole as the liaison to the EC from the National Agricultural Library.  Chris replaces Maria Pisa, who retired from NAL in December 2011.
Executive Council 2011-2012
President: Mary Ochs
Past President: Allison Level
President-Elect: Eileen Herring
Secretary/Treasurer: Anita Ezzo
Directors: Connie Britton, Valrie Davis Minson, Madeleine Charney, Claudine Jenda, Hope Jansen, and Marianne Stowell Bracke.
NAL Representative: Maria Pisa; after January 1, Chris Cole
Ex-Officio Members: Amy Paster, Archivist and Heather Moberly, Webmaster

Executive Council 2011-2012
Incoming EC members: June 1, 2012
President-Elect: Connie Britton
Philip Herold, Sarah Williams and Claudine Jenda

Returning EC members: June 1, 2012
President: Eileen Herring
Secretary/Treasurer: Anita Ezzo
Directors (second year): Marianne Stowell Bracke, Hope Jansen, Madeleine Charney
NAL Representative: Chris Cole
Past-President: Mary Ochs
Ex-Officio Members: Amy Paster, Archivist and Heather Moberly, Webmaster

Committee Chairs, 2011-2012

  • Awards and Honors : Eileen Herring, chair
  • Budget: Anita Ezzo, chair
  • Bylaws: Allison Level, chair
  • Conference Planning 2012: Philip Herold, conference chair; Julie Kelly, local arrangements chair, and Leslie Delserone, program chair
  • Communications: vacant
  • Legislative and Government Relations: Madeleine Charney, chair; Connie Britton, EC Liaison
  • Membership: vacant
  • Nominations/Elections: Allison Level, chair
  • Preservation Committee: Amy Paster, chair

Interest Groups

  • AgNIC: Diana Farmer, convener
  • Animal Health Information: Helen Smith and Cindy Mitchell, co-conveners
  • Collection Management: Jodee Kuden, convener
  • International Agriculture: Leslie Delserone and Patrician Neenan, co-conveners
  • Social Issues/Rural Information: Deva E. Reddy and Margaret Merrill, co-conveners
  • Technology Trends: Peter Fernandez, convener