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Virtual Business Meeting Minutes 2010


USAIN Virtual Business Meeting
October 18, 2010 – 1:00 EDT


Participants: Allison Level, Anita Ezzo, Connie Britton, Mary Ochs, Maria Pisa, Nan Hyland, Sheila Merrigan, Claudine Jenda, Julie Kelly,  Joy Paulson, Marianne Stowell Bracke, Dana Boden, Debbie Currie, Diana Farmer, Amy Paster, Jessica Page, Anne Christie, Margaret Merrill, Valrie Davis, Luti Salisbury, Amy Shannon, Mary Taylor, Katie Newman, Sarah Williams, Brad Brazzeal,  Jodee Kawasaki,  Necia Parker-Gibson, Jeanne Pfander


Quorum verified (the requirement of 15 voting members for the transaction of business has been exceeded)


Proposed Bylaws Changes

Allison thanked Sheila and Katie for their hard work in drafting the proposed changes, then proceeded to present them for comment and discussion.  Diana Farmer inquired whether it was known if the Articles of Incorporation for the State of Ohio actually allow electronic voting; it was later confirmed during the meeting that electronic voting is, in fact, permissible.

Most proposed changes drew little comment. Discussion centered principally on Article III, Section 2, surrounding composition of the Council. Margaret Merrill inquired about the reasoning for proposed striking of the sentence:  “Of the six Directors, at least one shall be employed by a land grant or 1890 university and at least one shall be the designated representative of an Institutional member.”  Allison explained that USAIN has fewer institutional members now; in the early years, it seemed more necessary to stipulate land-grant representation to ensure involvement. Concern was expressed about striking the land-grant stipulation. Motion made by Anne Christie, second by Luti Salisbury, to alter the wording to “Of the six Directors, at least one shall be employed by a land grant or 1890 university, “ thereby retaining the first half of the sentence, while striking the latter half concerning institutional member representation. It was cautioned that land-grant representation is difficult to ensure, since USAIN conducts a proper election, rather than proposing a prepared slate for acceptance: being on a ballot does not guarantee that the land-grant candidate will be elected. It would be necessary to designate a “land-grant” seat on the Council. Additionally, it is oftentimes hard to find people willing to run for office.  After much discussion, the motion and second were withdrawn and the wording was accepted as proposed. Margaret Merrill proposed that an overt statement about land-grant representation be written into the Procedures & Rules document as an additional “Best Practice” for the Nominations/Elections Committee in developing a slate of candidates. It is generally recognized that a balanced recruitment, leading to the widest possible institutional representation on Council is desirable.

Brad Brazzeal asked for clarification regarding proposed changes to Article 2, Section 8 surrounding the earlier membership termination date.  Julie explained that renewal notices will be sent earlier to avoid the holiday mail deluge and offset this earlier date.

Motion by Dana Boden, second by Margaret Merrill, to accept proposed changes to the Bylaws approved without further discussion. Changes will be sent to the membership for vote.

Respectfully submitted by Anita Ezzo, Secretary, 10/18/10 


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