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Interest Group Conveners

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Interest groups are a loosely formed group that comes together for a common interest. The Interest Group is convened at the USAIN Conference where interested parties can discuss issues of concern. Interest Group Conveners work with the program planning chair to make sure the USAIN Conference reflects the interest of the membership.


AERIE || AgNIC || Animal Health || Collection Management || International Agriculture || Social Issues/Rural Development || Technology Trends


Agricultural Economics Research, Information, and Education (AERIE)  ^top

Innocent Awasom
Texas Tech University
Co-Convener, 2015-2018

Linda Eels
University of Minnesota
Co-Convener, 2014-2018


AgNIC Interest Group  ^top

Rob McGeachin
Texas A&M University
Co-Convener, 2012-2018

Bradley Brazzeal
Mississippi State University
Co-Convener, 2014-2018


Animal Health Information Interest Group  ^top

Kyrille DeBose
Virginia Tech University
Co-Convener, 2014-2018

Sandra Weingart
Utah State University
Co-Convener, 2014-2019


Collection Management Interest Group ^top

Jodee Kuden
University of Alaska Anchorage
Co-Convener, 2009-2018

Emily Mackenzie
McGill University
Co-Convener, 2016-2018


International Agriculture Interest Group ^top

John Cruickshank
University of Georgia
Convener, 2016-201


Social Issues/Rural Information Interest Group ^top

Randa Lopez
Louisiana State University
Co-Convener, 2016-2018

Nicole Juve
North Dakota State University
Co-Convener, 2016-2018


Technology Trends Interest Group ^top

Luti Salisbury
University of Arkansas
Co-Convener, 2013-2018



Netta S. Cox
North Carolina A & T State University
Co-Convener, 2013-2018