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Procedures and Rules


  1. Function:
    Interest Groups are expected to sponsor programs and discussion sessions at the USAIN biennial conference. Other activities may include advising the Council on matters pertaining to the Group's area of interest and collecting and disseminating information related to the Group's interest.

  2. Composition and Organization:
    1. All members may participate in the activities of all Interest Groups whose concerns they share.
    2. Members with common concerns may form a new Interest group by petition of 15 members and approval of Council.
    3. Each Interest Group should develop a statement of purpose or scope which represents the consensus of the Group on the common interest or concern to be addressed by the Group's activities.
    4. A Convener for each Interest Group is appointed by the President or chosen from among the membership of the Group, with the approval of Council. Further organizational structure is optional and requires Council approval.
    5. Inactive Interest Groups may be dissolved by the Council.

  3. Activities, Duties and Responsibilities:
    All Interest Groups:
    1. Must prepares an annual estimate of any anticipated expenses, to be included in the budget developed by the Finance Committee;
    2. Are expected to sponsor programs and discussion sessions at USAIN biennial conferences, presenting a summary report at an all-conference session and following up with expanded reports to the membership on USAIN-L and the USAIN web site.
    3. May engage in additional Council-approved activities which do not require face-to-face meetings, including the collection and dissemination of information related to their area of interest.
    4. Must report annually to the Council on their activities, expenditures and future plans, and provide other reports as requested by the Council or President.
    5. Must prepare and submit an annual Statement of Purpose, which will be posted on the web site and used to foster discussion among the Group.