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Procedures and Rules


  1. Function:


    1. The Membership Committee serves the Network by maintaining accurate and timely records of Network membership and by developing and implementing effective membership recruitment and retention activities.


  2. Duties and Responsibilities:


    1. The official Network membership database is maintained by the membership person at the USAIN Business Manager's Office.


    2. The Business Manager's Office produces and maintains current and past membership lists (rosters).


    3. The Business Manager's Office publishes a Membership Roster that is distributed to the membership each year. Membership cards are included in this mailing.


    4. The Business Manager's Office writes timely letters of "welcome to USAIN" when new membership applications are received and provides copies of the roster, a membership card, and any other appropriate materials to all new members.


    5. Membership services such as doing mailings, providing mailing labels, and providing printouts of various membership listings are done by the USAIN Business Manager's Office. All renewals are sent from the Business Manager's Office to the Chair.


    6. All monies generated by memberships are handled through the Business Manager's Office.


    7. The Membership Committee Chair works closely with the Business Manager's Office on notifications of new and renewing members. There is a manual for these procedures.


    8. The Chair responds promptly to requests for membership information from non-members and makes information about USAIN available at meetings and conferences of other organizations when requested to do so


    9. The Committee does follow-ups on non-renewals starting January 15th of the new year.