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Procedures and Rules


  1. Function:


    1. The Preservation and Digital Library Committee coordinates information about activities relating to the preservation of agricultural information and serves as a focal point for coordination of Network preservation and digitization activities. The Committee continues to promote and direct the preservation work initially conducted by the USAIN National Preservation Special Project Committee. (


  3. Chair and Preferred Membership and Qualifications:


    1. The Chair should have an interest in and some knowledge of preservation or digitization of historical documents.


    2. The Committee Members:
    a) The committee consists of five regular members. These members are appointed by the chair of the USAIN Preservation Committee, in consultation with the president of USAIN, and serve two-year terms, renewable once. Timing of member appointments will be such that no more than one third of the members will be newly appointed at any one time, except for the initial slate of members.
    b) There will be one non-voting ex-officio member of the committee:
    • One representative of the National Agricultural Library (NAL), who serves as a source of communication with the committee and provides logistical support when possible
    c) Additional non-voting ex-officio committee members may be appointed as needed to provide background or support for the committee’s activities.
  4. Duties and Responsibilities


    1. The Committee Chair or designee:
    a) Acts as a point of contact and distributes information on preservation or digitization projects between the Network and other organizations with an interest in agricultural information, especially the National Agricultural Library (NAL), AgNIC, and CRL.
    b) Serves as the Network contact when important preservation or digitization projects are under consideration and alerts the committee and USAIN members to potential projects and their impact upon agricultural information.
    c) Acts as the point of contact with other involved organizations.
    d) Prepares and distributes regular updates on preservation or digitization projects undertaken by the committee to USAIN-L and the USAIN web site.
    2. The Committee Members:
    a) Monitor preservation and digitization projects and funding opportunities for agricultural information.
    b) Notify the Chair and other members of current issues the Committee may want to investigate or act upon.
    c) Ex-officio members may be able to contribute information or expertise to the committee as requested. However, the primary role in formulating policy or reaching other decisions must rest with the members of the committee.