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Legislative and Government Relations: Policy Statement Guidelines from of Scientific Society Presidents

The Council of Scientific Society Presidents is comprised primarily of president-elects, presidents, and immediate past presidents of over 60 scientific federations and societies. It serves as a strong national voice in fostering science policy, in support of science and science education, as the premier national science leadership development institute and as a forum for open, substantive exchanges on current scientific issues. In addition to information about the Council and its activities, the site currently features a Legislative action Center and a Policy Statements page.


The Policy Statements page provides access to full text policy statements recommended by CSSP Committees on issues important to the scientific community. The policy statements are usually one page and present, in one sentence, CSSP's position on an issue and the reason for the position. This is followed by key points/reasons with a one or two sentence summary of the data/arguments supporting the point.


Example policy statement:

CSSPS Issue: A Sustainable Future.

CSSP Position: Only by increasing U.S. actions and leadership to achieve fully sustainable development can the needs of present generations be met without compromising those of future generations.

Other issues: