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Library-Extension Collaboration Initiative



Meeting of Land-Grant Library Deans and Directors about Potential Library-Extension Collaboration

Notes from Meeting

American Library Association Conference
Orlando, Florida
June 26, 2004

Questions Raised and Points Made:


Library-Extension Survey

  1. Who received the first phase of the survey of library-extension collaborations? Other institutions would like to respond to it.
  2. May want to use the survey to identify “best practices” for library-extension collaboration at different levels to provide guidance for institutions with varying levels of resources.
  3. May want to send survey to extension directors in addition to other LGU library deans and directors.

Venue for LGU Library Deans and Directors to Meet

  1. There should be consistent meetings so there will be continuity in working on agricultural information initiatives.
  2. There should be a two-year plan so the same discussion isn't held over and over.
  3. It was proposed to meet again at ALA Mid-winter in Boston 2005.

Collaborative Demonstration Projects

  1. There should be tangible proposals (maybe three projects) for demonstrating library/AgNIC-extension collaboration.
  2. Contacts should be made with County Extension offices to find out their particular information needs.

AgNIC Advisory Group

  1. There should be about 4-5 people to put a plan in place for how to proceed.
  2. This group would need to determine how to work with agriculture librarians on these potential initiatives.
  3. Perhaps the Advisory Group needs to be first a steering committee or an Interim Advisory Group to get the process started as soon as possible, with the final name and make-up of the group determined later on.
  4. Need to define strategic directions and establish a values statement; mission and strategic plan.
  5. This group might want to meet with extension directors to get feedback from the field on common interests (this could be an action item for each dean and director).

PubMed for Agriculture

  1. There is a need to identify a few projects to work on as a group to work toward a PubMed for agriculture.


  1. Peter Young, Director of the National Agricultural Library, will compile a report of the discussion held at the meeting and will follow-up with all attendees within ten days on next steps and proposals.


Barbara Hutchinson