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Recommendations Resulting from Meetings and Actions Taken

  1. conduct a survey of current library and extension collaborations – The University of Arizona sent out a preliminary questionnaire to ARL LGU libraries and has compiled the results in a summary report; plans are to expand the survey in the fall of 2004.

  2. establish an advisory group of library deans and directors, extension directors, and other officials to consider how AgNIC can move forward given the changing information environment – A Leadership Council for Agricultural Information and Outreach” is being formed under the auspices of the AgNIC Alliance, the U.S. Agricultural Information Network, and the National Agricultural Library.

  3. consider an appropriate venue for LGU library deans and directors to meet on a regular basis to discuss issues of mutual concern and interest – The next ALA Midwinter meeting was tentatively named as the location for the next meeting.

  4. develop pilot projects to demonstrate how AgNIC and E-Extension might collaborate, or for moving agricultural information outreach to a new level using web services technology – A number of AgNIC members are working to build these applications to demonstrate at upcoming conferences including the National Extension Technology Conference to be held at Purdue University at the end of September 2004.