USAIN Conference 2020 pre-conferences

Topic 1: Research Methods and Data Analysis

April 26, 2020 Morning Session

Research and publishing are an integral part of many librarians' activities, but most librarians don't have the background or experience in statistical methodology or analysis necessary to support this activity. Research methodology is the foundation of a properly designed study. A crucial part of a research article - data analysis - assesses compiled data and interprets it in order to identify patterns and trends. Depending on the nature of the research, different methodologies will help researchers compile the best data. Depending on the types of variables, different statistical tests or other data analysis techniques may be used to make inferences about the data collected. This pre-conference will provide a strong primer for research methodology, and data and statistical analyses, which will help librarians develop hands-on skills and become more adept at determining which test(s) to use for different types of research methods (qualitative and quantitative).

Participants will need to provide their own computers and install R prior to the workshop.

Cost: $50

Topic 2: Supporting business, entrepreneurship, & agribusiness

April 26, 2020 Morning Session

Business information can be intimidating to those new to the resources, and often Ag librarians find themselves reaching out to colleagues when confronted with business questions. This session will cover how Agriculture Librarians can use business information to support agribusiness, entrepreneurship, and innovation in areas such as climate change technologies, cannabis, agritourism, and more. We will discuss the business information consultation process, including topics such as ideation, learning about your target customer, and determining target market. We will explore the main areas of business information: company information, industry/market information, and business news, including both paid and free resources. Additionally, we will consider other relevant uses for business information, such as helping students with career research.

Participants will need to provide their own computers.

Cost: $50

Topic 3: Systematic Reviews in Agriculture

April 26, 2020 Afternoon Session

This session will be a deep dive into agricultural systematic reviews and related research methods. Participants will learn about tools and strategies to support evidence synthesis work in agriculture. The workshop will focus on how agricultural systematic reviews differ from those in the health sciences and will address topics such as gray literature searching, ag databases, registering protocols, and frameworks for posing questions. This session will be appropriate for beginners as well as those who attended Margaret Foster's pre-conference in 2016.

Cost: $50

Participants DO NOT need to have attended the USAIN 2016 pre-conference in order to attend.

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