Agricultural Research Services IG

The purpose of the Agricultural Research Services Interest Group (ARSIG) is to facilitate discussions about the Ithaka S+R Agriculture Research Support Services study and other studies about and services for Agriculture, including but not limited to those about research study development, data analysis and repositories, data management plans, GIS, finding and recruiting collaborators, and so on. We communicate with members about programs, assessments and services developed, including those instituted because of the Ithaka study; coordinate USAIN actions related to the findings in the study and other relevant studies; and provide or recruit conference programming or other continuing education and answer questions related to this and other studies for USAIN members and other interested persons.

Co-Conveners: Necia Parker-Gibson, University of Arkansas (2017-2021) and Erica Johns, Cornell University (2019-2021)

Executive Council Liaison, 2019-2020: Necia Parker-Gibson, University of Arkansas

Members include:

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