Awards from Other Organizations to USAIN Members

USAIN members are active in other organizations, including their home institution and other professional associations. Their work is often recognized and we note these achievements and recognition below. This list is a sample of awards and is not exhaustive.

AgNIC Distinguished Service Award

  • 2013 Rob McGeachin
  • 2011 Connie Britton
  • 2010 Amy Paster

ACRL/STS Oberly Award for outstanding bibliography in agricultural and natural sciences

  • 2007 Julie Kelly and Louise Letnes

ALA Emerging Leader

  • 2011 Elizabeth Berman

SLA Fellow

  • 2016 Valerie Perry

SLA/FAN Distinguished Member 

  • 2008 Luti Salisbury
  • 2007 Valerie Perry
  • 2006 Anita Ezzo
  • 2005 Heather K. Moberly
  • 2002 Pat Wilson
  • 2001 Lillian Mesner
  • 2000 Kay Mowery
  • 1997 Amy Paster

University of Minnesota's global programs & Strategy Alliance C. Eugene Allen Award for innovative international initiatives

  • 2020 Julie Kelly

Oklahoma State University Library Faculty Award for Notable Achievement

  • 2008 Heather K. Moberly

Colorado State University Libraries Faculty Award for Excellence

  • 2007 Allison Level

Gamma Sigma Delta University of Kentucky Chapter Distinguished Service Award

  • 2007 Toni Greider

University of Nebraska Chapter of Sigma Xi The Scientific Research Society Outstanding Science Librarian Award

  • 2007 Dana W. R. Boden
  • 2006 Leslie Delserone
  • 1999 Elaine Nowick (joint with Kate Adams)

Nebraska Library Association College and University Section Distinguished Service Award

  • 2005 Dana W. R. Boden

Kentucky Library Association Special Librarian of the Year

  • 2004 Valerie Perry

Kentucky Library Association Academic Librarian of the Year

  • 2003 Toni Greider

Librarians Association of the University of California Berkeley Division Distinguished Librarian Award

  • 2001 Norma Kobzina

Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center Ohio State University Outstanding Staff Award

  • 2005 Connie Britton
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