Participation in USAIN's listserv is a benefit of membership.  USAIN-L is a primary communication tool for sharing USAIN business and communication among USAIN's members.

How to Subscribe to USAIN-L Google Group

Subscriptions to USAIN-L are handled through Google Groups. You do not need to be a member of USAIN to join the Google Group. Join USAIN's Google Group by selecting this link here:

Request to join using whatever email address you prefer to receive USAIN emails. If you have any questions about joining the Google group, please email usainweb@gmail.comus. 

You will receive an email message from confirming that you have been added to the group.

To post messages to the listserv, send them to

How to Unsubscribe from USAIN-L Google Groups

To unsubscribe to USAIN-L Google Groups, go to your Google Groups settings, then "My membership settings," and select "Leave Group."

If you are unable to leave, send a message to

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