Subscribe to USAIN-L

Participation in USAIN's listserv is a benefit of membership.  USAIN-L is a primary communication tool for sharing USAIN business and for communication among USAIN's members.

How to Subscribe to USAIN-L

Subscriptions to USAIN-L are handled by a computer program called LISTSERV. By sending a message to LISTSERV, you can subscribe, remove yourself from the list, or change various mailing list options.  To subscribe to USAIN-L, send an email message to:

The body of the message should consist of a single-line command like this... subscribe usain-l John Doe

...substituting your own name. You don't need to provide any additional information. LISTSERV will extract your email address from your message. You should receive an email message from LISTSERV confirming that you have been added to the list.

To post messages to the listserv, send to:
For more information about how LISTSERV works, send a message to: containing the single word:  help

LISTSERV will send you a message explaining the various features that are available. If you are unable to subscribe, send a message to the list owner:
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