Advocacy and Action Committee

The Advocacy and Action (formerly Legislative and Government Relations) Committee works to guarantee open access to agricultural information for study and research in support of social and economic livelihoods, nutrition, health, and wellbeing, USAIN engages in advocacy to protect agricultural library services and their funding. Given the pivotal role that the National Agricultural Library (NAL) plays in the storage, access, dissemination, and preservation of agricultural information, USAIN’s advocacy focuses on NAL and USAIN libraries in the profession. The Committee coordinates  responses by USAIN as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Co-chair, 2023-2024: Claudine Jenda, Auburn University
Co-chair 2023-2024:  Jeanne Pfander, University of Arizona

Executive Council Liaison, 2023-2024: Erica Johns, Cornell University

Members include:

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