President's Greeting

Welcome!  I'm honored to be able to serve as the President of the United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) for 2020-2021. 

USAIN supports the information field as it relates to the broad field of agriculture, including natural resources and the environment, food science and systems, animal health, global hunger, and more.  Through participation in Interest Groups and Committees, our members engage in activities that expand access to agricultural information and our agricultural heritage.  We invite anyone interested to join us in filling our mission

Already in this strange year, we have responded to the global COVID-19 pandemic by moving our biennial conference from its planned venue at Texas Tech to an all-virtual setting later in the summer.  We have responded to the wave of protest across this country in response to the killing of Black Americans by police violence by sharing resources and hosting discussions around racism in our institutions, food systems, and profession.  And we continue to be a resource for each other's professional needs as we work to support research, teaching and learning at our institutions and beyond through our resources and collections. 

I am proud and grateful to work with such a knowledgeable, skilled, and kind group of colleagues, and am excited that we have welcomed so many new members this year.  I look forward to seeing what else we can accomplish in the coming year and beyond.

Jessica Page

President 2020-2021

JESSICA PAGE, USAIN President, 2020-2021

Jessica Page
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