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Save the Date: December 7th Networking Event!

27 Nov 2023 1:30 PM | Randa Lopez Morgan (Administrator)

Please join us for a USAIN/CBHL virtual networking event Thursday, December 7th from 3:00-4:00 pm Eastern time.

The goal is to have some fun connecting/reconnecting and learn from each other. We hope this time together will make your work brighter and easier. We will have some time for networking one on one as well as in smaller groups. There will be two breakout sessions (see topics below); you can join one topic for each session.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Libraries: Helpful or Hindrance?

How are LIbraries using AI already or could use it? From cataloging to marketing efforts, AI had the potential to increase efficiency, remove barriers, but also to persist bias in systems and privacy concerns.

  • Let's share how we could use AI such as ChatGPT could be used in programming, marketing, and other ideas.

  • Maybe we will have a mini contest to see who can come up with the wackiest conference session title using ChartGPT, as a way to tiptoe into playing with AI.

  1. Conference Session Brainstorming

Do you want to write a paper or poster abstract for the USAIN/CBHL Annual Meeting but haven’t had the time or mental energy to think of an idea and sit down and write it? Then join us for an informal, optional writing session! (Adapted from SC/MLAmeeting)

  • Brainstorm with others about your paper or poster ideas

  • Get feedback from colleagues on your draft abstract

  • Make space on your calendar to write and submit an abstract

We will be trying the platform Hopin this time, to do automatic shuffling of participants for networking. You can join by registering at the following link: 


  1. 3-3:05pm: Introduction (Click on Sessions)
  2. 3:05-3:25pm: Networking (Click on Networking)
  3. 3:25-3:45pm: Breakout rooms (Click on Sessions)
    1. Impact of AI
    2. USAIN/CBHL Conference Session Brainstorm & Research Activity
  4. 3:45-3:55pm: Networking (Click on Networking)
  5. 3:55pm-4pm: Close (Click on Sessions)
  6. Optional 4:-4:30pm: continue networking

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