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USAIN Presidential Mid-Term Update 2019

18 Feb 2019 3:54 PM | Kristen Mastel (Administrator)
  • Since it is about mid-point in my term as president, I would like to take the time to provide a brief overview of what the Executive Council has been up to the past seven months. We have continued the practice of monthly conference calls, during which we have:

  • Finalized the appointments of USAIN committee chairs and interest group conveners, at a time of great turnover since many committee chairs and members had reached their limit of 4 consecutive years on one committee.
  • Hosted a USAIN virtual meeting of Interest Group conveners and Committee chairs to review our Action Plan and encourage activity during non-conference years

  • Followed-up on issues and questions that have been raised as EC liaisons reach out to their committees and interest groups on a quarterly basis

  •  Transitioned business management service providers

  • Monitored USAIN’s finances every month and approved the 2019 budget

  •  In the process of transitioning our banking service in order to allow for better transparency and investment options for USAIN  

  • Organized the USAIN Membership Survey 2018

  • Reviewed the 16th Biennial Conference Report from the Washington State University

  • Created a USAIN conference timeline document

  • The USAIN Professional Development Committee posted a call for this year’s USAIN Research Fellow Award applications (Apply Today)!

Hopefully, this gives you a sense of what the USAIN EC has been working on over the past 6 months.  If you have any questions about or suggestions for the EC, feel free to contact me or any other EC member.


Kristen Mastel

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