Website Committee

The Website Committee serves in an oversight role for the USAIN website. As such, they maintain content, ensure the quality of the content, and administer the system and features of the website. The Committee troubleshoots issues and assists members to update content. The Website Committee communicates with EC, Committees, Interest Groups, and members regarding website content and management.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Website Committee will:

  • Communicate closely with conference planning co-chairs to develop the conference website and registration system as necessary
  • Provide training to members responsible for maintaining content within the website, including monitoring and maintaining training materials
  • Manage permissions and access to administrative functions of the website
  • Ensure the site meets accessibility and other usability standards

  • Review the website for broken links, incorrect information, and further edits

  • Monitor and maintain the USAIN Website Best Practices document.
  • Periodically re-evaluate the web hosting agreement, together with the Chair of Communications and President, to determine if it is still satisfactory. This shall be done by June 1st every three years: 2022, 2025, 2028.

Chair & Executive Council Liaison, 2023-2024: Melody Royster, University of Florida

Members include:

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