Website (Special Projects) Committee

The Website (Special Projects) Committee performs a quality review of the website information, both yearly and as requested by members of the Council or the Communications Committee, or other members as the situation warrants. The Website Committee communicates with appropriate responsible parties regarding the deadline for changes.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • The Website Committee will communicate with the EC, Committees, and Interest Groups about the importance of keeping the information up to date on the website and will communicate deadlines for annual or cyclical edits.
  • The Website Committee will support as needed the EC, Committees, and Interest Groups in website changes, providing trainings and walking members through the required editing process.
  • The Website Committee will review the website for broken links, incorrect information, and further edits.
  • During the first three years, the Website Committee will update the Best Practices document as adjustments are made to the process.
At the end of the three years, or when the EC, Committees, and Interest Groups feel the Wild Apricot system is integrated into the organization and intuitive, the EC will discuss whether the Website Committee needs to continue as a Standing Committee or be disbanded.

Chair, 2020-2021: Megan Kocher, University of Minnesota

Executive Council Liaison, 2019-2020: Jessica Page, Ohio State University

Members include:

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