USAIN 2022 Biennial Meeting

Supporting Agriculture: Food, Fiber, and Family

University of Arkansas Libraries |  Fayetteville, AR

April 3-8 2022 held virtually

Dear All—Some of you may have heard, but with the various circumstances and a lot of unknowns between now and next April, we have decided to take the 2022 USAIN conference online. I regret that I won’t have a chance to show you the town, so to speak, but we’ll do what we can to make it fun as well as educational. The dates will be similar, but we are intending to stretch the number of days a bit so that we can avoid being virtual all day. We’re planning to start the sessions a little later in the day, to accommodate our friends in Western time zones. We have recruited some fine speakers; a fuller schedule will be forthcoming. This is also a great opportunity to submit a paper or poster to present your work to the people who care about your subject most! (new deadline is January 3, 2022).

Welcome to beautiful, exciting Northwest Arkansas! We're looking forward to seeing you. Not everything is set, yet, but these pages will be updated soon. 

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